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level 1

get started by learning what makes you feel goooood

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level 1: challenge 1
try your hand at solo masturbation
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Pleasuring yourself has so many benefits for you—you’ll learn all about your likes and dislikes, turn-ons and triggers. And when you know what you like, you can share that with your partner!

level 1: challenge 2
experiment with a toy
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Sex toys are designed to be an aide and used in addition to what God gave you. This challenge encourages just that.

level 1: challenge 3
venture to the backside with anal masturbation
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Everybody's got a butt! This challenge is designed to help you feel pleasure in yours.

level 1: challenge 4
switch up where and how you masturbate
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Too much routine can negatively impact your solo satisfaction and sex life. This challenge combats the status quo.

level 1: challenge 5
it's mutual masturbation time
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Getting off with your partner through mutual masturbation can be awkward and stressful... until you take this challenge.

level 1: challenge 6
verbalize what makes you feel good
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The first step in telling your partner what you like is to practice saying it out loud yourself.

level 2

have that oh-so-worth it conversation about sexual experimentation

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level 2: challenge 1
start the conversation
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Only when you effectively communicate can your sex life improve. This challenge gives you the tips, tricks and tools to start talking.

level 2: challenge 2
share 3 things
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It's time to have a heart to heart on how you want to experiment in the bedroom.

level 2: challenge 3
practicing say yes and no
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Saying "no" without making your partner feel rejected is a valuable but difficult skill to master. We're here to help!

level 2: challenge 4
talk dirty to me
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We're getting filthy (in a hot way)! Don't worry, we made a mad libs just for you.

level 3

time to get down and dirty you dirty dog you

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level 3: challenge 1
have sex with no goal of an orgasm
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Watch how effective it is as soon as you remove the pressure of climaxing.

level 3: challenge 2
sex toy experimentation
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Toys are deisgned to enahnce not replace your partner. Enjoy all that they can do.

level 3: challenge 3
try butt stuff
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Everybody is curious, it's now time to enjoy what all the talk is about.

level 3: challenge 4
put all the hard work to the test
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You've done it, you're almost there! Take what you've learned and get at it and let's have more fun sex!

frequently asked questions


  • What is the More Fun Sex challenge? 

    The More Fun Sex challenge is a series of guided challenges for you and your partner to partake in from the comfort of your own home. Each one is designed to help you have productive conversations about your sex life and encourage you to explore the bedroom. 

  • Do I have to purchase a Cake product to participate? 

    No purchase is necessary to participate in the More Fun Sex Challenge. All of the challenges, videos and workshops are available to anyone and everyone looking to improve their sex life. Some challenges do encourage you to explore with lubricants, toys or other devies. And while we hope you choose Cake products to help you explore, that is not required.

  • What do you mean ‘more fun sex guaranteed or your money back'?

    The More Fun Sex challenge is free to particpate in but should you buy a Cake product and not be satisfied with it (i.e. - it’s not causing you to have more fun sex with yourself or your partner), we offer the ‘Good Times Guarantee’. The GTG means you can try Cake, risk-free. If you don’t like the product, we’re committed to making it right. Just reach out to us within 30 days for a refund, credit or replacement at hello@hellocake.com.

  • What if I don’t have a partner? 

    There are plenty of ways to get down and have solo sex, no partner required! For tips and tricks on how to do just that, please check out additional content on our blog here: https://hellocake.com/blogs/sex-ed.

  • How do I give feedback?

    We’re always looking to improve and fully understand there is perpetual room for improvement. THank you for helping us up our game. Please send any and all feedback to hello@hellocake.com and we’ll be in touch shortly.