Level 1 - Challenge 4: Switch up Where and How You Masturbate

Level 1 - Challenge 4: Switch up Where and How You Masturbate

Chances are, you’ve got a routine when you get it on with yourself.

You know just where to touch, how much pressure to use, and exactly how long to go before you get off. You’ve created a neural pathway in your brain…and hey, it feels good. But what if trying something new could feel even better?

The Challenge:

Masturbate in a position that’s unfamiliar for you. This could be a different place (room, car, etc), in a different physical position (on your knees) or with a different toy (vibrator, stroker, butt plug. Be sure to try both while you masturbate.

Our tips:

  • Switch up your stimuli, too: Always masturbate to the same kind of porn or use the same fantasy about an old flame or famous celebrity? Try something new! For example, listening to an erotic book recording may feel surprisingly amazing to you. Or looking at sexy photos of your partner may be special in a new way. Stay open and curious and shake it up!  
  • It’s ok if it’s hard: This is not supposed to be easy. It may feel strange or difficult to try to get aroused in a way that you’re not used to. But this is part of the challenge for a reason, so trust and forge ahead!

You’ve got this! Have so much fun and enjoy yourself.

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