the 3 steps to better sex

Ready for the most fun self-improvement course there is? Starting with step one, read on (and play!) until your heart’s content, before moving on to the next step and so on. We’re pretty sure you’ll thank us later. Cheers to a better sex life.

try something new

The third step to better sex with your partner is bringing out that adventurous side, and starting to explore new ways to play in the bedroom.

How Solo + Partnered Play Can Improve Happiness

In honor of International Day Of Happiness we put together this guide on exactly how getting down can help you when you're feeling down.

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How to Guide: Touching A Vagina, According To A Sex ...

Maybe you’re exploring your sexuality and need tips on how to touch a new shape of genitals. Maybe you’re about to have sex for the very first tim...

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How to Guide: Exploring Breath Play in the Bedroom

Breath play feels so exciting because it’s such an intimate experience—there has to be so much consent, honesty, and trust. It’s also incredibly se...

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How to Guide: Giving a Rimjob

‘Rimming’ may sound like a neat skateboard trick, cooking technique, or new dating trend. But it’s actually a colloquial term for an anal sex act. ...

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How to Guide: Exploring Kinks

Maybe you want to blindfold your boo or spank your spouse. Or maybe you want to get really heighten the kink quotient and mummify your mate or whip...

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How to Guide: To Strap on Sex

Strap on sex is for all sorts of couplings. This is advice from a married lesbian couple for couples looking to try strap on sex / pegging for the ...

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How to Guide: Exploring Your Fluid Sexuality

We are just really beginning to understand how fluid, curious, & ever-changing our sexualities can be. This exploration can be lots of fun and ...

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How to Guide: Killing Stereotypes of Anal Play

Tips & tricks for exploring butt play & killing the dated stereotypes with certified sexologist Gigi Engle

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How to Have a Threesome: Tips & Positions

Lesbian Wives Teach You: How to have a Threesome

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How to Take the Perfect Nude (For Dudes)

There's plenty of options out there to get the perfect sexy selfie for all you ladies...but not so much for our fellow fellas. We're here to shed s...

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First-Time Anal Sex Tips: How to Do Anal Guide

A beginner's guide for all things 'butt stuff' related.

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The ‘How-to’ Guide For Toys

Okay- it's time to play. 

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