Level 3 - Challenge 2: Sex Toy Experimentation

Level 3 - Challenge 2: Sex Toy Experimentation

We ❤️ sex toys.

That’s probably not a surprise, since we make them here at Cake. But really—they can be such fun, useful ways to feel great and connect more when you’re having sex. If you’re reading this, you might already be on board with bringing a toy into bed. But if not, let us help you have some fun—toys included!

That’s why this challenge is all about bringing in a sex toy (or two or three!) to enhance— rather than replace—your partner. 

Sex is supposed to be fun, playful, creative, and imaginative. Using a toy can help make it all of those things! Still, we know it can feel intimidating. Hey, even the term sex toy can be a turn-off for some people. If it feels better, you can use the term “pleasure aid.” Because that’s what it is…something to help you feel pleasure. 

The Challenge: 

  • Have sex (it doesn’t have to be penetration!) for 10 - 25 minutes, using at least one toy on each person. Keep in mind this is not a one-sided toy situation, people! This challenge can extend quite a bit beyond the 25 minutes if you’re both feeling it.

Tips for a successful challenge: 

  • Discuss which toys you’d like to use during your session - or at least have the option of using multiple ones if the mood strikes
  • Clean and prep your toys, making sure they are fully charged and easily accessible
  • Make sure you have the necessary lube or additives to enhance the toys even more. For example, keep Tush Cush handy if you’re planning on backside play. 
  • Don’t be afraid to play. If something feels better on your nipples than your clitoris, that’s great news! Go with it and see where it takes you.

Remember that toys are not a replacement for humans. They’re meant to enhance the human experience you’re already having. Human + toy = fabulous. If bringing a toy in works for you and your partner, it might become part of your repertoire. 

But you don’t have to use sex toys like strokers, suckers, vibrators, or butt plugs every time you have sex! Toys can come in and out of the sexual relationship the two of you are creating together.  By the way, if you try any toy from Cake and you’re not 100% satisfied, we will give you your money back—guaranteed.

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