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so low lotion

Cake's So-Low Lotion is formulated to take self-play to a whole new level. It’s a non-greasy coconut oil lubricant designed for maximum enjoyment. It transforms during 'me time' play—starting as a thick cream, then turning to a gliding lotion and finally, to a moisturizing lube.

tush cush

Butt stuff can be intimidating. The best thing for butt play is a lube that provides great cushion, lasts a long time, is a breeze to clean and, oh yeah—is good for that uber-sensitive skin. Tush Cush, a hybrid formula of water & premium silicone jelly, giving you the best of both worlds, making backside experiences easy.

toy wonder

Introducing objects into intimacy kicks things up a notch—and we have a lube to help. Toy Wonder, a water-based lube which is specifically designed not to drip off your bedroom buddies, including battery-powered friends. The plush, airy jelly works for all kinds of intimate contact. Grab a toy and experience your new best friend!