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so-low lotion


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Read on to find out, but we'll give you a hint -- every product is designed based on who you are and how you like to play.

him + her kit

Vagina + Penis couple? This kit is for you. The products we included here are designed to increase pleasure and encourage both self and partnered play. Organic aloe-based lube? Check! A non-drip jelly for toys? Hell yes. A transforming lotion for solo (or joint) penis play? So-Low Lotion to the rescue.

organic aloe

This nourishing aloe-based lubricant is perfect for partner and vaginal play. The organic formula is ultra-moisturizing because it’s infused with natural ingredients which hydrate the most intimate areas. Our other organic good-for-you ingredients include a proprietary blend of mushroom extract, quinoa, hemp, flax green tea, and oat. Intimate parts will like it, we promise.

toy joy

Introducing toys into intimacy feels good—and so should your lube. That’s why we made Toy Joy, a water-based lube which is specifically formulated not to drip off toys, including battery-powered friends. The plush, airy jelly works for all kinds of intimate contact. Grab a toy and have fun!

so-low lotion

Sometimes libidos aren't in sync - and for that there's So-Low Lotion. Specially formulated to take self-play to a whole new level. It’s a non-greasy coconut oil lubricant designed for maximum enjoyment. This amazing stuff transforms during 'me time' play—starting as a thick cream, then turning to a gliding lotion and finally, to a moisturizing lube. Solo time has never been this good.


Bottoms are the perfect cleanup wipe for that pre-or-post-sex refresh. Our 100% natural formula is infused into flushable and biodegradable wipes, so you can practice good sexual hygiene. We made sure they’re pH-balanced and added honeysuckle for skin softness.

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