The Lazy Dog Sex Position for When You’re Feeling Lazy AF

The Lazy Dog Sex Position for When You’re Feeling Lazy AF

Doggy-style is the favorite position of men and women alike in America. There's no wonder why; sex from behind is hot. There's something about it that connects us to our primal animal roots that are perfect for getting it on.

But man cannot live on bread alone. And even the most enthusiastic lover of doggy-style sex is going to get bored of it after a while. So what can you do? 

This is where the lazy dog sex position comes in. As the name implies, it bears a lot of similarities to doggy-style sex.

A great lover has many sex positions in their inventory. This article will walk you through some of the basics of lazy doggy-style and how to make it shine for you. 

What is the Lazy Dog?

The lazy dog sex position is a modified form of doggie style that requires less effort for the person getting penetrated. You can think of it like reverse missionary, or even just laying down on top of each other.

In the lazy dog, the both parties lay face down, with the person getting penetrated underneath. They can either have their legs closer together, or have them more spread like a traditional doggie. The point is that they not supporting themselves on their hands and knees like traditional doggie style sex. 

The bottom could lie down completely and allow the top to do all the work, or they could be up on their elbows like a collapsed form of doggie. 

You might have slipped into the lazy dog style before without even realizing it. Sometimes, it's just the natural trajection of sex that the bottom goes from supporting themselves on their hands and knees to lying down. A good lover will know when to make this transition, of course!

When Should You Use the Lazy Dog? 

Now you understand the lazy dog and how people can sometimes wind up in this position by accident. But if you want to get the most out of your sex, you're going to need to understand the lazy dog style's unique advantages. 

Let's take a look at some of the benefits. 

Feeling Lazy

As the name implies, the lazy dog style is great for anyone who's feeling lazy or tired, but still wants to get it on. All it takes to transition from relaxation to sex is slipping down those sweatpants and turning over. 

Laziness can also set in mid-sex. Sex is an intense activity; it even burns calories. When you get tired, you can start to feel a little lazy, which brings the sex to a grinding halt. 

If both you and your partner get tired at the same time, it's best to take a break. However, if you're tired, but still want to have sex, and your partner isn't tired, breaking can be frustrating for both of you.

This is where lazy doggy comes in. 

In this case, it's the perfect transitional sex position. You can recover your energy while also keeping up your sex. Add Cake’s stimulation serums Stim for Him and Tingle to Mingle to enhance your pleasures as you are recovering your strength. 

Stim for Him is made with penises in mind. Rub onto the head of the penis to add warming and cooling sensations to your play. 

Into vulva play? Rub Tingle to Mingle on and around the vulva to make things hot and enhance arousal for the vagina.

Feeling Submissive

There's no hiding the fact that the lazy doggy-style sex position is a very submissive position for the person being penetrated. They are not only offering themselves up from behind (like in doggie style), but are completely removing their ability to get up by lying down. 

While this isn't right for anyone, it's perfect for people who enjoy being submissive during sex. 

First of all, the mere fact of collapsing from doggy and having your partner adjust and keep going is very attractive to many people. It results in your partner winding up right next to your ear, so they can whisper all sorts of dirty things to you easily. Making this ohh so hot!

If you're into restrictions and restraints, this is also a great position for your partner to cup your mouth. A slightly modified position that elevates your hips can also allow your partner to hold you down while they enter you from behind. This is definitely beneficial to those looking to get submissive. 

While the most common way to transition into reverse doggy is to collapse from traditional doggy, there are other options. Once again, these work best if you're submissive. Your partner could order you to turn around from a missionary or could order you to turn around yourself. 

Overall one of the best positions for dominant-submissive sex. 

You Like Butt Stuff

If you enjoy anal sex, this is the perfect position for you. Anal doesn't have as many options as vaginal sex, so you're going to need to use every new sex position that you can find. 

This is a great anal sex position. It's a step up from a traditional doggy style, but still good for beginners. 

To make anal sex for yourself feel comfortable and ohh so good, you can also get yourself Tush Cush, the perfect anal lube for backside newbies. 

You can also enhance your lazy dog sex by combining anal and vaginal sex. You can do this with a great butt plug, like Buzzy Butt. A butt plug could be put into your partner while you have sex with them vaginally. 

In doggy-style sex, it can be tough to feel intimate with your partner. This means that in most anal sex, you're not going to be side by side where you feel closest. Lazy doggy is the perfect solution for this, allowing you to keep your heads right by each other for dirty intimate talk.

You Like Threesomes 

Threesomes are not for everyone — but they're for more people than you might expect. Just last summer, people wanted more threesomes than ever.

A common misconception is that threesomes never go the way you imagine. But with the right sense of experience, humor, and expertise that makes a good two-person sexual encounter, a threesome can be just as good as any other type of sex. 

Lazy dog is a great position for any threesome that involves two women. Rather than lying down directly on the bed, why not lie down on your female partner while your male partner enters you from behind? 

This allows you the opportunity to kiss your female partner while you have sex with your male partner. It also makes it easy for your male partner to switch who they are having sex with. Your partner might even be able to reach down and kiss your other partner — overall making it a perfect position for threesomes. 

But that's not all. A modified version of reverse doggie is also great if you want to give your partner’s vagina some ahhhmazing oral treatment during a threesome. Simply shift the above position down a bit, and you've got it all worked out. 

Keep in mind, however, that being sandwiched in between two people like this is very submissive. You're only going to want to take on this position with two people if you know that you like to be the center of attention. 

All of the Above

If you're someone who's into anal as well as being submissive, you're in lucky — the reverse doggie style is perfect for you. Maybe you get tired as soon as the vagina needs a break. Or maybe you find that anal sex makes you feel extra submissive. 

All of these scenarios are perfect for those who like reverse doggy style sex. We even recommend not looking at it as a type of doggy, but as its own form of sex, that's unique to itself. 

This is also a great position to keep yourself lazy and relaxed during a threesome. As with any great position, it doesn't have one benefit for one particular type of person. The benefits stack

Tips and Tricks

While the lazy dog position is great, it's not quite as intuitive as some other sex positions. For this reason, we recommend giving it a few shots before you decide that you don't like it and give up. Since it's hard, the first few times might not be very pleasurable. 

Though it's a great position if done right, it's not quite as easy to adapt. However, once you and your partner find the angle that's right for you, you'll find that it's one of the best around. 

Practice makes perfect. Once you figure out how this sex position works best for you, you can figure out how to transition into it either. From there, you can start using all of the above scenarios. 

Use the Lazy Dog Sex Position

The lazy dog position sex provides some unique options that no other position provides. More than that, however, it's a wonderful transitional sex position that you can use to generally enhance your sex life. 

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