• tush pops kit
  • tush pops kit
  • tush pops kit
  • tush pops kit
  • tush pops kit
  • tush pops kit

tush pops kit

the ultimate toy kit to explore your bum

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This is the ultimate kit to explore your bum on your own, or with a friend. Three different sized toys takes the scaries out of getting into butt stuff and then there’s room to grow ;) At 3”, 4”, and 5” there is a size for all the different levels of butt stuff. Tush Cush is the lube specifically designed to pair with this toy. It’s hybrid cushiony formula makes it super soothing and if you’re worried about keeping it all clean and tidy… well that’s why we made Sex Wipes wipes, for before, or after cleanup.

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what's included

Everything you need to fully explore the world of butt play!

why we made this

Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, we wanted to bring you a toy that works for all stages of butt play.

the perfect pair

Tush Cush is the icing on top for our new Tush Pops! These toys are specifically made to pair with Cake’s butt stuff lubricant. Use a healthy amount to help the toy enter with ease, and soothe as you play.

3 different sizes

Three different sizes makes it so that anyone at any level of comfort can play with this toy. Start off with the lil-est cake pop and work your way up as you explore backdoor fun. We promise, where you start is not where you’ll end up ;)

clean up is a breeze

Clean up before and after you get down with our Sex Wipes. Wipes that are not only flushable but help to replenish the moisture in your skin after some well deserved friction.