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Cake ED Meds


quick-dissolve ED meds that work up to 3x faster than generic ED pills get your prescription
so-low lotion


the world's best men's solo play cream
stim for him


turns your orgasm into a “more-gasm”
toy wonder


a non-drip jelly designed specially for toy play
penis play duo kit


maximize your playtime with extra feels


bestselling personal penis massager with a dual-textured interior
vibrating stroker


a personal vibrating massager for anyone with a penis
silicone rings


a penis ring set for increased pleasure
vibrating ring


a vibrating penis ring for solo or partner play
stroker kit


a personal massager kit for penis havers
vibrating stroker kit


a personal vibrating massager kit for anyone with a penis
silicone rings kit


a penis ring kit for increased pleasure
vibrating ring kit


the ultimate vibrating penis ring kit for solo or partner play
cake condoms


safe and reliable condoms, no matter your shape or size
sex wipes


flushable hygiene wipes for the bedroom

why these products?

Read on to find out, but we'll give you a hint -- every product is designed based on who you are and how you like to play.

so-low lotion

Cake's So-Low Lotion is formulated to take self-play to a whole new level. It’s a non-greasy coconut oil lubricant designed for maximum enjoyment. This amazing stuff transforms during 'me time' play—starting as a thick cream, then turning to a gliding lotion and finally, to a moisturizing lube. Solo time has never been this good.


Upgrade your solo time with Cake's Stroker. This stroker fits perfectly in Cake's travel pouch and has two entrances; a tighter hole with massage beads and a larger, ribbed hole. It's designed to warm to body temperature, feels amazing and clean-up is a breeze.

stim for him

Increase all the feels when you play with Stim for Him. This specialty arousal gel starts as a tingling sensation and intensifies as you go to town, alternating between cooling and warming feeling. Our latest addition to your solo routine keeps it ever changing for maximum pleasure.

sex wipes

Sex Wipes are the perfect cleanup wipe for that pre-or-post-sex refresh. Our 100% natural formula is infused into flushable and biodegradable wipes, so you can practice good sexual hygiene. We made sure they’re pH-balanced and added honeysuckle for skin softness.

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