The Humpty Bump: How to Perform the Speed Bump Sex Position

The Humpty Bump: How to Perform the Speed Bump Sex Position

In the story of Humpty Dumpty, there is no happy ending, but that's not the case for the speed bump sex position. If done the right way, you and your partner will enjoy the best climax possible.

You might be wondering how the speed bump position can increase the sexual experience, and we're here to fill you in. Not only are you going to find out how to perform this rear-entry position, but we will detail why you and your partner stand to enjoy it.

How to Perform the Speed Bump Sex Position?

Before you can enjoy all there is to the speed bump position; you need to get in the right position first. To do so, you will need something for your partner to lean over, such as a fitness ball, bed, or a comfortable bench.

It's best if whatever your partner is leaning over allows them to place their feet on the floor to maintain proper balance. Once your partner has gotten into position on the desired ball or bench, you will then enter them from behind.

For added difficulty, you can hold onto your partner's waist or legs for more control and depth.

Things to Consider During the Speed Bump

While it's a fun rear-entry position, there are some challenges that come with it that you might consider. If you plan to support the weight of your partners, it can make your arms tired.

When you begin to feel that your arms are becoming tired, use the ball to roll your partner backward. When you roll backward, you can rest the majority of your weight on your legs instead of your arms.

If you wish to increase the strength of your pleasure during this position, it's best to stand with your legs closer together. When you create this form of pressure, it will increase your climax.

Another thing to think about when you're in this position is that anal play or sex can be enjoyable too. If you plan to attempt anal sex, ensure you've cleared it with your partner.

It also helps if you have enough lubricant and take time to warm up the anus before entering. Using a plush anal lubricant like Tush Cush can help make backdoor loving less intimidating. It will add a comfort and sooth any microtears during the backside play. Before engaging in anal play, start small by using toys or your fingers to gently massage and stretch the area. Using a toy like Buzzy Butt is great for this position, because you can control the speeds with the remote and let the vibes takeover!

This will help to prepare your partner for your entry when you both are ready to take it to the next level.

Let's Do The Humpty Dumpty: The Speed Bump Sex Position

When you're doing the speed bump sex position, there are several things to remember. Don't forget to choose something comfortable for your loved one to lean over and if you're going to engage in anal play having lubricant on hand is a must.

Speaking of lubricant, do you have some that you can use? If not, shop with Hello Cake for all your intimate needs.

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