Standing Cowgirl Sex Position: How to Do It Right

Standing Cowgirl Sex Position: How to Do It Right

Did you know that the Kama Sutra (the Bible of sex positions) was only introduced to the western world in 1883 even though it was written around 2,000 years before? Even so, it's obvious that humankind has been obsessed with the exploration of new and different sex positions for thousands of years. After all, every sex position offers a new way to experience pleasure for both men and women alike.

But what about the standing cowgirl sex position? Many are familiar with the traditional cowgirl position, but what about its upgraded counterpart? The standing cowgirl position may appear challenging at first, but with a few important tips and tricks, it may become one of your next best sex position options. 

Keep reading to find out everything you need to know. 

What Is the Standing Cowgirl Sex Position?

The first thing that you should know about the standing cowgirl position is that it is not a position you should try the first time you jump into bed with someone. The main reason for this is that this position tends to be challenging compared to other, more traditional sex positions. After all, you won't be able to let your bed support you since both you and your partner will be standing up for this endeavor. 

It will also require a lot of strength and stamina from your male partner. But don't let this position scare you. Once you figure it out, you'll find that it comes with a variety of benefits. 

And keep in mind that it doesn't have to be your go-to sex position. Instead, you can keep it for special occasions or if you and your partner are feeling particularly energetic. The composition of this position is relatively simple: it is like the ordinary cowgirl position but vertical instead of horizontal

For that to happen, the partner with the penis (or strap on) will need to stand up and pick up their partner in their arms. The person getting penetrated will have to wrap their legs around the partner’s waist to allow for penetration. Wrapping their legs around their partner’s waist will also take some of the weight off of the partner's arms and shoulders. 

This position is very versatile for both partner’s because there is a lot of freedom of movement. The person penetrating tends to have more freedom of movement because they are the one holding the other person up off the ground. They have plenty of room to thrust to their heart's content while the partner has the ability to bounce against them if they wish. 

How to Last Longer in This Position

When it comes to lasting longer in this particular sex position, we're not talking about how long you and your partner can last sexually. Rather, because this is such a physically challenging position, your partner might not have the body strength to be able to hold you up for very long. You also might not have the arm and leg strength to grapple onto your partner for very long either. 

But there is a way to make this position last longer. A good trick is for the person penetrating to rest their partner’s back against a wall or door while in this position. This way, the majority of their partner’s weight will rest against the wall rather than weigh down their arms and shoulders. 

This variation of the standing cowgirl position may also be especially pleasurable to the person getting penetrated. They may enjoy the feeling of being "sandwiched" between the wall and their partner's body. Just be sure that you choose a sturdy wall; otherwise, you might have to deal with holes and dents in the drywall.

For some, even this variation is too exhausting. But there is one more variation that most people can tolerate without becoming too tired. Instead of leaning your partner against a wall, the person penetrating can lift their partner up onto a counter, table, or tall chair. 

The counter will need to be at the right height for the partner to sit upon and for the person penetrating to enter them. After all, it might get uncomfortable if they have to stand on their toes to reach their female partner. If you have a tall bed, this might suffice instead of a counter or table. 

More than that, the cushioning would certainly make the endeavor more comfortable for the two parties involved.

The Benefits of the Standing Cowgirl Position

Although the standing cowgirl position can be a bit challenging at first, it still has plenty of benefits to offer. One of the first benefits is that it gives the person penetrating the opportunity to be in control. It is also a position in which someone can really show off the full range of their penis and strength.

After all, this is the position where you can really show off your arm and chest muscles as you hold up your partner in your arms. You also are able to control the depth of each thrust based on how you hold your partner. A light bouncing motion is often the ideal motion for this kind of position as it doesn't take too much effort on the part of the parties involved. 

If your arms start to tire out from this bouncing motion, the partner can easily take over instead. But the benefits of this position aren't just for the person penetrating. Your partner will benefit from the deep penetration that this position can provide. 

With the traditional cowgirl position, you may not be able to get the kind of depth you're looking for because the bed limits your movement to a certain degree. With the standing cowgirl position, the bed is completely out of the way and you are able to go as deep as you want. Another benefit of this position is that it allows you to feel especially close and intimate with your partner. 

In this position, you are both able to look into each other's eyes and enjoy the moment. This position also is a great opportunity to try tantric breathing which involves breathing together in a rhythmic fashion. This can heighten your experience and some believe that this kind of tantric sex can lead to more intense orgasms. 

Some Tips for Perfecting the Standing Cowgirl Position

While it may sound fun to jump right into the standing cowgirl position without any preparation, it is always better to take it slow. After all, if you take it too fast, there might be some strained muscles involved and it may not be as sexy as you envisioned. For that reason, it is often a good idea to start in another sex position before you shift into the standing cowgirl position. 

Another (and much easier) sex position will allow the two partners to get in the right kind of mindset. By starting off in another sex position, both partner’s will have enough time to get completely turned on as well. Or, if you don't want to start off in another sex position, foreplay is, of course, a good substitute too. We recommend using Stim for Him for the penis, and Tingle to Mingle for the vagina, to enhance your playtime experience. These are stimulating pleasure serums that add warming and cooling sensations to your play – explosive orgasms coming up!

It is important that both parties are in the mood before getting into the standing cowgirl position. Otherwise, the position might be more painful than sexy. Once it's time to get into the standing cowgirl position, it's probably not a good idea to throw yourself into your partner's arms. 

This might only work if the person holding is especially buff. But, in general, many people (especially those who are older) might end up throwing their back out of whack as the result of their partner throwing herself into her partner's arms. Instead, it's much better to take it slow. 

As you pick up your partner, your partner should keep one foot on the floor at first until they are sure that you can support their weight. Then, they can retract her leg from the floor and wrap it around you. This is important because otherwise, you risk dropping your partner on their rear end (which is not sexy at all). 

A Few Pointers

Using lube for this position is essential. Without plenty of lube, your partner might end up uncomfortably dry even if they are turned on. Since this position involves such deep penetration, being dry is not at all ideal. 

A pump or two of good lube will solve the problem in no time at all. Water-based lube, like Natural Sex Lube, is a good all-purpose type of lube, although you may need to keep applying it since it can run dry eventually. Silicone-based lube, like Silicone Sex Lube, lasts a lot longer, but you shouldn't use it if you also plan on using silicone sex toys. 

As for sex toys, you can use them to your heart's content in this position. Although it may be difficult, the standing cowgirl position is usually best for smaller toys such as Bullet Vibe, Little Sucker<, or plugs rather than larger toys. 

Everything You Need to Know About the Standing Cowgirl Sex Position

Although it can be challenging, the standing cowgirl sex position is a unique position that allows for plenty of deep penetration and eye contact. It is ideal if you want to feel close to your partner (and get a workout at the same time). 

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