Seashell Sex Position

Seashell Sex Position

A survey of 2,000 people living in the United States and the United Kingdom found that doggy style was the most common sex position, followed by missionary and cowgirl. While no doubt these are popular sex positions, if you are looking to push the boat out and try something a bit spicier, it's probably best to look for another position.

Step forward the seashell sex position. This position is raunchy, adventurous, and is an amazing way to spice up your and your partner's sex lives. In this blog post, we'll take you through how to execute this position and the amazing benefits behind it.

What Is the Seashell Sex Position?

The seashell position in sex is a kinky twist on regular missionary sex and requires quite a bit of flexibility to perfect. It's great for both deep penetration as well as stimulating the clitoris. There are two slightly different variations, high and low, meaning that it's a position that has a lot to offer.

If you and your partner are keen to try new positions in bed, we highly recommend that you give the seashell sex position a try. As with everything in life, practice makes perfect!

How Do I Perform the Seashell Sex Position?

The person who is going to be penetrated, should lie on their back with their legs brought as high as they can go. This is where it helps to be as flexible as possible! It may help to perform some stretches before getting into position, sexy yoga anyone? Ideally, the legs will be up close to the person's ears, but only raise them as far and as high as is comfortable.

The person's partner will then lie on top of them, using their arms to support their weight while they enter. By 'riding high' the person penetrating can provide direct stimulation to the clitoris using their public bone. By 'riding low', they will be able to directly stimulate the G-spot with the head of their penis or strap on.

The person receiving will have their hands free to roam and add even more excitement to the position. Involving a vibrator, like Bullet Vibe, can also heighten the sensations during this position. Check out our range of toys and other products that can take this position to another level.

Get to Know the Seashell Sex Position

Sex is about having fun and experimenting with your partner is a great way to become closer with them. This sex position is undoubtedly one of the positions you will ever try. It's an exciting way to crank up the tempo between the sheets.

With this position, the only problem is that you might never want to get out of bed again! Like this blog post about the seashell sex position? Check out our site for more great content and get amazing products that will improve your fun between the sheets.

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