Magic Mountain Sex Position

Magic Mountain Sex Position

The average American engages in sex about 54 times a year. This equals about once a week.

While you want sex consistently, you do not want it to become routine. Doing the same exact thing each week may take away some of the excitement.

Impress your partner with a new move! Read on to learn about the Magic Mountain sex position!


What is the magic mountain sex position?

Magic Mountain adds a little leverage onto the good old doggy style. The old-fashioned way puts the taker on their hands and knees while their partner thrusts from behind.

For Magic Mountain position sex, the person in front lowers themselves onto their forearms. Placing a pillow or two beneath their head and chest and having them go wide-armed will support this position.


The partner in the back should take full advantage of their view in this position. Help your partner in and take your time.

Massage their back as you ease them into form. Spend time getting a good look, because your partner is going to look and feel ahhhmaazing. Apply lube before setting yourself up into a thrusting position.

Natural Sex Lube is the best way to go, if you are looking to pleasuring a vagina. It’s made with good-for-you ingredients that add moisture and keep the pH balanced. 

Into backside play? Silicone Sex Lube is design for just that! With a premium silicone formula, your backside play will have extra slip that lasts, so you and your partner can keep at it for hours!!

Why the Mountain Loves It

The wrist contains small, fragile bones and ligaments, and going too hard while up on the hands can start to hurt. This magic stance gives the wrists a break and puts all of the weight onto sturdy forearms.

Sometimes people tense up during sex from behind, which can lead to discomfort. Support from the pillows allows them to relax and loosen up a bit. 

Once relaxed, this puts the penis at an angle that presses into the front wall of the vagina. This means it hits the bundle of nerves that make up the G-spot.

Perks for the Mountaineer 

Do you like taking control? This position gives you full discretion over how hard and how fast you go.

From the back, this position looks really good. You can lean back a little and spread the butt cheeks for a naughty peek of everything good.

This position can feel extra naughty, and you can easily give your partner’s hair a little tug. It can also turn into a very sensual bonding moment if you lean over your partner to become part of the mountain with skin-to-skin contact.

Magic Mountain Sex Position Exploration

Don't let this peak position fall flat. Get explorative as you climb to climax.

From behind, reach around to play with your partner’s breasts or nipples for extra spice. A slow nipple roll can make things extra juicy.

From the front, allow the pillow to support you in order to reach one hand down to the clitoris. As your partner thrusts from behind, gently rub it to enhance your climax.

For added excitement, the thrusts can easily move up into the other hole. If that seems like a little too much, finger play may feel good there during sex.

Make It Fun

Do not get too into your head about trying new bedroom tricks. Make the Magic Mountain sex position fun by worrying about enjoying it, not perfecting it.

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