Leapfrog Sex Position: This Is How to Do It

Leapfrog Sex Position: This Is How to Do It

The average couple has sex around 66 times a year which means things in the bedroom can quickly become vanilla, if you know what we're saying. If you want to try something new and start spicing things up in the bedroom, you need to try the leapfrog sex position.

It's like doggystyle but soooo much better and we're going to tell you why. Not only are we going to spill the tea on all the juicy details you need to know about the leapfrog position, but we're also going to fill you in on some different variations of the position that will ensure you have better sex.

Why Some People Choose the Leapfrog Over Doggystyle

Doggystyle, while a favorite for many, isn't always as enjoyable as people might think, especially for the person being bent over (bottoms, am I right?!). One reason people might find the leapfrog position more enjoyable than doggystyle is because doggystyle makes it easier for your partner to hit your cervix or possibly hit a few uncomfortable angles when in the backdoor.

Some people experience pleasure from this but for others, the constant ramming in these intimate areas can become quite painful. This is the reason many people aren't able to stay in the doggystyle position for long.

By propping your partner up on their hands, the person on top can change the angle that the penis enters the vaginal or anal canal which reduces the chances of the penis continuing to cause pain by hitting the cervix or those awkward angles when in the backdoor.

To add more comfort in this position, we recommend using Cake’s Natural Sex Lube or Silicone Sex Lube. Natural Sex Lube is ultra moisturizing and made with natural ingredients that won’t throw off the vagina’s pH balance. Plan on entering the party from the backdoor? Ease into backside play with Silicone Sex Lube to add long lasting slip and glide.

Another reason many choose the leapfrog position over doggystyle is that it causes air to be pushed into the vaginal canal. Air pushed into the vagina can also cause pain which is not ideal during intercourse. Remember the vaginal canal isn't long but it can change in length during moments of arousal.

How to Pull Off the Leapfrog?

Again, while the leapfrog position is like doggystyle there are a few key differences. When preparing for the leapfrog position kneel on the bed on your hands and knees.

Once you've gotten comfortable place your arms and head on the bed or chair whichever you find yourself resting on. From there your partner can choose to take several different routes including pleasuring you orally or penetrating you.

The benefit of the leapfrog sex position is it allows your partner to penetrate you deeper without causing you any pain. It also gives them more control over the speed they use when stroking you.

It's one of the best sex positions out there and is the answer to how to have better sex.

And we love that!

Leapfrog Variations

Leapfrog isn't limited to just one position, and of course we encourage you to try the different variations in the bedroom. The first variation is known as the bounded leapfrog.

If your partner wants you to completely submit to their will while adding a level of kink into the mix, they can use some toys to bind your hands. Think about using handcuffs or any type of restraint that can be used to comfortably tie your hands.

It might be more comfortable for you to have your hands tied underneath you, that way you can still rest your head comfortably on the bed. While your hands are tied you won't be able move, but you can also increase your level of enjoyment by pleasuring yourself.

Another variation of the leapfrog is for your partner to stroke you from behind while they have one leg up. This gives them even more leverage when they're seeking to penetrate you deeper.

Not to mention when you're using this variation your partner can penetrate you from a different angle versus remaining straight on. Allow your partner to take their time and find a rhythm that is pleasurable for you both.

Tips for This Position

This position doesn't allow your partner to hide, instead, it puts every part of their body on display which can leave them feeling a little insecure. As their partner, it's your job to give them some extra lovin' and let them know that you love & enjoy every inch of them.

As you move into the leapfrog position, take some time to provide words of affirmation about their body. For example, you might tell them how good they look in this position.

It might also be useful to spend some time delicately touching and kissing their body before you move to penetrate them. By doing this you increase their confidence in being naked and help them become more comfortable with their body.

Not to mention when your partner feels confident in their body it increases their sexual confidence as well. You'll find that a few simple words and delicately placed touches can unlock their inner sexual prowess.

Tips Continued...

This position not only exposes insecurities your partner might have, but you might also find you're not able to last as long as you thought. One way to last longer when in this position is to stand up.

When you climax, your core is engaged but when you stand you can slow down this process by using your entire body. Another way to last longer is to shorten your thrusts.

When you use long thrusts, it stimulates your entire growing area making it harder to last as long as you'd like.

Adding a penis restriction toy can also help increase stimulation & endurance during intercourse. Cake’s Vibrating Ring is the perfect toy for doing just that. Rest the toy at the base of the penis with the vibrating pad against the testicles, or rotate the toy so the pad is facing upward to stimulate your partner’s intimate areas, allowing you to enhance pleasure for both you and your partner.

Talk about a win, win!

The Leapfrog Sex Position: A Sexual Guide

The leapfrog sex position is not for the faint of heart. We've told you how to handle it with your partner and some variations you might like to try as well.

Would you like to learn more about this position or others? Perhaps you want to shop for some new toys you can use in the bedroom?

Shop with Hello Cake and let us help you fulfill your sexual desires.

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