Intense Intimacy: How to Perform and Enjoy the Flatiron Sex Position

Intense Intimacy: How to Perform and Enjoy the Flatiron Sex Position

Do you want to ensure there's no wrinkle in sight in your clothes? It's easy to assume that when you hear the word flat iron, you think of your clothes or hair, but we aren't talking about that today.

We're talking about the flatiron sex position that can knock the figurative wrinkles out of your socks as your toys curl in pleasure. Get ready to dive deep into this discussion of sexual health in this brief guide.

How to Get Into Position

When you're performing this position, have your partner lie facedown on the bed or chair you're using during this intimate act. Once they're lying down, ensure they have their legs flat on the bed.

However, their hips need to be raised to allow you to enter them from behind without any problems. The benefit of doing this position is that it will allow you to control the depth you penetrate them at and the speed you're penetrating them.

You can change your motions at any time to increase the amount of pleasure you and your partner are experiencing during sex and intimacy.

How to Increase the Heat?

If you want to take things to the next level in this position, you can have your partner turn to look at you. There's something about eye contact that can be especially passionate during sex and intimacy.

Different variations of this position might also include having your partner perform oral on you while they're laying down. At first glance, the position might seem like your typical missionary position, but it is much more than that.

There are also other ways to make it more sensual, including bringing your partner closer to you to engage in a kiss. Your partner can also choose to bring their legs closer to your abdomen if they don't wish to keep them straightened.

Tips for the Flatiron Position

You might want to consider several tips when trying out this position, including the other positions you can maneuver too from it. For example, you might want to move to the missionary position if you wish to continue engaging in this intimate act.

If you're not flexible when performing this position, you can choose to raise yourself on your shoulders instead. It will make it easier for you and your partner to enjoy the sex position.

If you want to ensure you and your partner get the most out of the position, you will need to try out various angles that make penetration easier and more enjoyable. You can even add toys to this position to take things to the next level. Using toys like Vibrating Ring or Little Sucker can add a sexy flare for all parties involved.

Performing the Flatiron Sex Position in the Bedroom

When you and your partner want to engage in the flatiron sex position, you need to ensure you both are comfortable. There are also some ways to increase the intimacy and passion between you both. 

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