How to Get into the Butter Churner Sex Position

How to Get into the Butter Churner Sex Position

Are you looking for some new ways to spice things up in the bedroom? The oddly-named but effective butter churner sex position will guarantee a more intense orgasm for both parties. 

If you're trying to picture it, the image in your head is likely not far off from what it takes to perform this sex position. The butter churn sex position mirrors the yoga plough pose with some tweaks.

If you're an ambitious couple looking for new sex positions to add to your repertoire, keep reading to further break down the how-to of the butter churn sex position. 

Learn the Butter Churner Sex Position

The butter churner sex position gained some traction and intrigue in January 2020 after Callum Jones, a contestant on the hit reality TV show, Love Island, said it was his favorite sex position. 

Also known as the squat thruster, the butter churner sex position involves the person being penetrated lying on their back with legs bent above their head. The person penetrating then pulls the ankles of the person lying down toward their head and squats, inserting the penis/strap-on into the vagina or backside, while performing a thrusting motion reminiscent of a 19th-century household butter churn. 

What Does This Position Offer?

Maintaining eye contact throughout this position can offer an intimate and deeper connection during sex. 

The positioning of the person laying down leads to a heavy flow of blood to the head which is known to encourage a feeling or sensation of ecstasy. The angle of the butter churn sex position offers both parties the benefit of deeper penetration and a more fulfilling orgasm. 

Not all sex positions can offer a great workout as well. If you're the upside-down party in this position, your shoulders and back will get quite the workout. Talk about two birds with one stone!

Additional sex toys or lubricants make this position possible for any pairing of genders. 

Going from penis into a vagina? We recommended using Cake’s Natural Sex Lube! It’s made from organic, good-for-you ingredients that will add extra moisture, while not interrupting the vagina’s pH. 

Into backside play? Silicone Sex Lube is your best partner in crime! It adds extra slip and glide, perfect for long lasting sessions in the backdoor.

If you prefer to use strap ons or other toys in this position, Toy Wonder is here to help. It’s a non-drip jelly lubricant that is designed to stay put and give you additional moisture and comfort with whatever hole you are playing in. 

Avoid this Position If…

The person penetrating should be conscious of limiting the force of the thrusting to avoid any injuries to the upper body or neck of the upside-down individual. Parties with weaker or injured shoulders should avoid this position altogether. 

Be mindful of your movement once you're out of the position. Being upside-down that long can lead to some lightheadedness. No one wants to faint immediately after orgasming. 

If you're nervous about the butter churner sex position, consider some lazier positions. Use lubricant, toys, and other items to spice up your sex life once you find out what you and your partner are into. 

Designed for a Specific Sexual Experience

Finding a new sexual experience that is exciting for both parties can be a difficult process. Options like the butter churner sex position can be quite rewarding. 

If you're interested in finding something new, fun, and different, give Cake a try. We specialize in finding formulations, toys, or specialty products that are tailored to your unique sexual experience. 

Eighty-four percent of our customers attribute our products to better sex life. If you're looking to fulfill a desire or find a new pleasure in the bedroom, try one of our products today. 

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