How Strapless Dildos Work

How Strapless Dildos Work

Did you know that almost half of adults in the United States have been using sex toys during the pandemic? Sex toys are a great way to explore different options with your partner and bring some fun into your sex life if it feels lackluster.

Have you ever wondered if you will like strapless dildos? Here is a brief guide to this unique sex toy so you can determine whether using a strapless dildo is right for your needs in bed.

What are Strapless Dildos?

When you think of a dildo, you generally think of a toy that can be used with your hand or one that straps onto your body. What if there was an alternative that lets you enjoy all the benefits of a strap on dildo without having to put it on?

Enter strapless dildos, which can be the best of both worlds if you enjoy using this sex toy. These devices are also known as double-ended strap ons because they have similar anatomy on each end.

Rather than a strapping device, they have another shaft, which is called a pony. If you are a top with a vagina, then you can put the other end into your vagina to secure the dildo into place.

The best strapless dildo will stay where it should while you use it for all of your sexual needs. The dildos vary in size and function, so you can pick one out that fits what you and your partner want.

One of the biggest advantages of strapless dildos is that they mimic sensations more authentically and feel more natural than strap on dildos.

Strapless vs Strap On Dildos

One of the biggest hassles of using strap on dildos is that they can be difficult to get on. When you are turned on and you want to have sex with your partner, the last thing you need is to fumble with getting your dildo in the right position.

With strap on dildos, you typically need another toy attached to the base to experience sensation while you penetrate your partner. Since a strapless dildo sits inside of your vagina, you can experience those sensations with much less equipment needed.

You will also be able to feel your partner's sensations when you use the strapless dildo. This can bring you closer and even generate new feelings of intimacy between you.

However, one of the benefits of strap on dildos is that you get more flexibility with positions. The strapless dildo has the trade-off of being less secure, so it can limit your movement if you like to engage in rough sex. And that can be a pretty big deal! 

Using a toy like Cake’s Pretty Big Dil dildo can often be a great toy to get the best of both worlds. Pretty Big Dil is not only strap-on compatible, but has a strong suction cup base that can be attached to the wall, on a chair, or easily used by hand. Meaning no more fumbling around!

Using a Strapless Dildo

The shorter end of the strapless dildo is often tapered at the tip, which is similar to an anal plug. You will insert the strapless dildo into your vagina and then anchor it in with your vaginal muscles.

If you find yourself struggling to hold the dildo inside, it may take some practice or Kegel exercises so that you can keep it in place. Try to find some exercises online that you can do on a regular basis in order to strengthen those muscles.

Since the longer end of the strapless dildo comes directly out of your vagina, it has a much more realistic appearance than the strap on models. This could enhance arousal for both yourself and your partner.

The way that you use a strapless dildo depends on your partner. For instance, if you have a partner with a penis, then you can use it when you take them from behind.

With a partner with a vagina, you have a little bit more flexibility, where you can go in through the vagina or the anus. This means that you can change up your sex positions and experience even more fun together with the strapless dildo.

How to Buy a Strapless Dildo

If you are ready to buy a strapless dildo, you want to find the model that works within your price range and meets your sexual needs. You can search for ratings and reviews online to see what other customers have to say about some of the most popular models.

Although online shopping is great because you can do it from the privacy of your own home, you may not get a good idea of what the strapless dildo looks like. If you want a more accurate depiction, then it may be worth it to visit your local sex toy shop.

You can get recommendations from experts who work there and know the products very well. You can also look at other things while you are there, such as fun toys, costumes, and lubes or oils to bring your sex to the next level. Using a non-drip lubricant like Toy Wonder is perfect for leveling up your toy play. It will say on your strapless dildo, while adding extra slip and comfort to your playtime.

Expect to pay a little bit more for a strapless dildo than its strap on counterpart. However, you will definitely be able to find a model that works within your budget.

Size is also an important factor when you look at strapless dildos. Make sure that you do not get something that is too big to be enjoyable. You also don't want anything too small, or it could minimize your sensations during sex.

It may take some trial and error before you find the shape or model that fits your needs best. Always communicate with your partner so you know what is working and what you can change about your experience with sex toys.

Are Strapless Dildos Right for You?

If you do not like strap on dildos or simply want something new to spice up your sex life, strapless dildos may be a great option for you. With this guide, you can find the best dildo that suits your needs and elevate your sexual experience with your partner.

Want to learn more about all of the ways you can spice up your sex life? Check out our site for all of the products you will need, or contact us today if you have any questions.

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