Everything You Need to Know About the Side Saddle Sex Position

Everything You Need to Know About the Side Saddle Sex Position

There are 64 sex positions in the Kama Sutra, but that hasn't stopped humans from getting creative and coming up with positions on their own. One fun position many people enjoy is the side saddle sex position. 

Side saddle sex is great for people with vaginas who love to be on top and take the lead. Plus, it works well for those who are just looking to move away from missionary and try something new!

If you want to learn how to side saddle in sex, this guide is for you. Let's take a look at one of the best positions: side saddle. 

Who Does What

If you're going to try the side saddle, you need to know who does what. With this position, you'll be able to mix up traditional sex roles and try something new. With that said, grab your favorite lube, and let's see who does what in this fun position. If you have a vagina, we recommend using Natural Sex Lube for this position. It’ll keep your pH balanced while adding hydration and moisture to keep you going all night long (plus it’s made from natural ingredients).

The Person with the Vagina

The side saddle sex position is one where the person with the vagina gets to take control, so be prepared. In this position, they sit on top of the penis and using their legs to move up and down on their partner's penis. 

For them, this is a pretty physically active position. That can make it a great way to not only have fun in the bedroom but to also burn some calories!

If you're on top in this scenario and need a break, you can stop bouncing for a minute or two. Instead, grind on the penis by moving backward and forwards. If you need to, grab your partner’s legs to help balance yourself. 

You can also mix things up by straddling your partner with your legs open. Or, try closing your legs to keep things tighter. They're both fun variations of the position that feel great for both partners. 

The Person with the Penis

In side saddle sex, the person with the penis has things pretty easy. They can just lay back and let their partner make them feel good!

However, they can also get in the groove by thrusting back into the person on top. One great way for them to get some extra leverage is to place their legs flat on the bed so that they can focus on moving their pelvis. 

Another way that the, can get into the mood with this position is to place their hands on their partner’s waist. This is especially great if the partner is moving back and forth on the penis because they can help increase their partner’s range of motion. 

Finally, for couples that enjoy rough sex, this is a great position for the bottom to pull their partner’s hair or scratch their back. It can really take this position to the next level.  

How to Get Into the Side Saddle Sex Position

Okay, we know who does what, but how exactly do you get into the position in the first place? 

To get into the side saddle position, the partner who will be on the bottom should start by lying down on their back or side. 

Then, the partner on top will straddle their bottom leg. This lets their partner bend their top leg slightly so that they can enter them. 

From there, the two partners can move their legs as they see fit. Straightening and closing the legs will make for a tighter sensation, while bending or opening the legs will make things looser. 

What to Keep in Mind When Having Side Saddle Sex

Now, there are a couple of things to keep in mind if you're going to try your hand at the side saddle sex position. Following these tips will help make the experience even better. 

For one thing, it's a good idea to try changing position frequently. This can be done by having the woman lean back towards the man or leaning forward.

The change in position can help increase sensitivity. Plus, moving around keeps things interesting and makes it a much more enjoyable time in the bedroom. 

Another thing to keep in mind is that the side saddle position is ideal for anyone who likes having anal sex. You can either keep things classic or can try performing this position in the butt. 

Lastly, you can get your hands involved in this position. If you're having anal side saddle sex, for example, the person with the vagina can try using their fingers to play with themself. 

Pros and Cons of the Side Saddle Position

As with every sex position, there are a few pros and cons of trying things side saddle. Here's what to know about the advantages and disadvantages of getting kinky in this position. 


One of the major benefits of this position is that it's relaxed and low impact. It doesn't require as much energy as some other positions and can be a great way for both partners to enjoy the act. 

On top of that, the side saddle position makes it easy for the bottom to go deep into the person on top. As a result, it can work well for penises that are on the smaller side.

Another reason couples love this position is that it's easy for them to move in the same rhythm. They can take things as fast or slow as they like, making the two of them intimate. 

Last but not least, this position is perfect for playing with massagers or trying anal sex. Since the position keeps everything close together, you can really get kinky with the side saddle. 


If you're going to have side saddle sex, you should be aware of the downsides of this position. 

For one thing, even though the sex can be fantastic, it doesn't give both partners equal control. In general, the receiving partner won't be able to participate a whole lot and will be at the mercy of the partner on top. 

Even though that can be ideal for some partners, it can get a bit boring after a while. As a result, many couples like to use this position along with other positions.  

Similar Positions and Fun Variations

If you already tried the side saddle and loved it, you might want to try out a couple of variations. Or, you might just want to find some ways to spice the position up and keep it interesting! Let's check out a few ideas.

Back Seat Driver

No one loves back seat drivers unless they're in the bedroom. This position is pretty similar to a side saddle and is a fun way to get both partners involved in sexy time.

In this position, the partner on the bottom sits upright. Then, the partner on top tucks their legs in between the bottom partner. 

The partner on top can either grind into the receiving partner or can bounce up and down. Meanwhile, since the bottom partner is sitting up, it's easier for them to thrust into their partner on top.

Anal Side Saddle

Who said you have to keep things classic? If you already tried the side saddle sex position and loved it, try making it an anal position instead of a vaginal one.

The principle here is the same. However, instead of having the receiving partner enter the vagina, have the partner enter the anus. 

What's great about this position is that it allows the anus to open up a bit wider. That can make it comfortable for people who are just getting into the world of anal sex. 

Side Saddle With Toys

Who doesn't love getting toys involved in the bedroom? One fun way to mix up the classic side saddle position is to bring in some fun sex toys. 

Massagers are one of the most popular additions to this position. You can use Silicone Rings or Little Sucker for a fantastic addition to your classic position. These will add explosive satisfaction to both of your pleasures.

Another fun toy to involve is a pair of handcuffs. Let the bottom partner handcuff the one on top to add some spice to the position.

Reverse Cowgirl

Reverse cowgirl is a classic sex position, and we can see why! In this position, have one partner lie down flat on the bed. 

Then, the top partner faces away from the bottom partner. The top partner can sit down on the bottom partner and either bounce up and down or grind into the receiving partner. 

Just like the side saddle, this position can be vaginal or anal. Try it both ways to see which you like best!

Try Out the Side Saddle Sex Position

The side saddle sex position is one of many fun positions for partners to play at. It can be a great bonding activity as well as a fantastic way for the girl to get on top and take the lead.

Do you want to spice up your sex life even more? Why not include some toys and enhancers! Shop our collection to find the perfect sex gear for any night of fun.

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