5 Things That Might Be Making You Go Soft (And What To Do About It!)

5 Things That Might Be Making You Go Soft (And What To Do About It!)
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We’ve all been there. You’re getting hot and heavy in the bedroom (or the bathroom, or the living room, or the kitchen) and all of a sudden, things sort of…deflate. 

Ugh. Sure, you can always switch gears to mouth or hand stuff. But when you’re in the mood to go to pound town, nothing else will really hit the same way. 

For those crucial moments where you need to get back up and running ASAP, Hello Cake's ED meds are your salvation. 

Hello Cake combines Sildenafil and Tadalafil (commercially known as Viagra and Cialis respectively) for a super potent and effective medication that helps you get hard fast (within 15 minutes) and stay hard for the long run (up to 36 hours). 

Meanwhile, you might be wondering: WHY IS THIS HAPPENING TO ME IN THE FIRST PLACE?!

We’ve sourced both science and anecdotal evidence to come up with 5 things that might be making you go soft in bed – plus how Hello Cake’s ED meds can help!

1. Performance anxiety

Are you nervous about having sex with a new partner? Are they super hot (or, for the sapiosexuals among us, are they super smart)? Or maybe you’re feeling self-conscious about the LAST time you had sex and you went soft…

Whatever the reason, performance anxiety can be a huge factor in losing your precious boner. With Hello Cake’s ED meds, you don’t have to worry about your overactive brain cock-blocking you. You’ll be ready to rock within 15 minutes.

You can also supplement the science by repeating positive affirmations: “I’m handsome. I’m sexy. And goshdarnit, I WILL stay hard!”

2. Too much to drink 

You can be honest. Did you have a few too many before you rolled over and propositioned your partner last night? They call it whiskey dick for a reason – getting drunk might get you in the mood, but it can also make you soft. Hello Cake’s ED meds help you get the best of both worlds: horny enough to get down and hard enough to follow through. 

A friendly note though: if you find yourself frequently having difficulty in the bedroom because you’re drinking, think about cutting down on the booze. Studies show that alcohol use over time can actually lower levels of testosterone, which can decrease sex drive and overall enjoyment of sex including less intense orgasms. And while ED meds can help with alcohol-related ED and it’s generally safe to drink a little while you take them, heavy drinking can absolutely reduce their effectiveness, so your best course of action may be to drink less (and have sex more!). Food / drink for thought!

3. Less attracted to your partner

Maybe you’ve been together for years. Or maybe your partner is doing something absolutely crazy with their hair. But it does happen, you can love your partner and want to have sex with them, but they’re just not instantly arousing you the same way they did when you were first together. 

This is totally normal! The excitement and novelty has worn off, and maybe the sexual routine has become a little…routine. This may sound paradoxical, but often the best way to enjoy sex and feel attracted to your partner is simply… to just have sex and focus on what you enjoy. And what better way to prompt that sex drive than popping some Hello Cake ED meds

Feeling a loss of attraction can be tough, but it can just mean that you’re super comfortable with your partner and craving a bit of newness. Let these ED meds bring the spice to your love life that you might be missing. 

4. Condom’s too tight 

Uh oh!!!! You’re trying to be good, you’re trying to practice SAFE SEX, but that condom is too dang tight and it’s making you go totally flaccid. Major buzzkill. Two suggestions: one, might you consider a larger condom? (Congratulations, by the way.) And two, not to be a broken record, but Hello Cake's ED meds. They’ll help you transcend any condom discomfort for a successful, safe session. 

5. Dazed and distracted

Work sucks, right? It’s even worse when you’re supposed to be focused on knocking boots and all you can think about is the rounding error you made on the quarterly reports.

Not being fully engaged in ~~the act~~ can definitely result in things being a little loosey goosey down there. Hello Cake’s ED meds take thinking off the table by getting you hard fast and helping you get off to the races so you’re not thinking about anything but frankly? Banging. 

Practicing mindfulness is another great way to deal with daily distractions and stress that might be making you soft. Focus on all the things you can feel, taste, smell, see, and hear as you’re doing the deed. You’ll be in the zone in no time. 

No matter the root cause of your overly relaxed member, you don’t have to pray for it to perk back up on its own or forgo a roll in the hay. You can take Hello Cake’s ED meds and get fast-acting, long-lasting erections. 

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