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The global sexual wellness market is estimated to grow to a staggering $39B by 2024. One of the emerging brands tackling this space is Cake, the direct-to-consumer sexual wellness startup that offers high-quality, safe, non-toxic products to help people explore their sexuality and pleasure in the bedroom. Cake’s primary mission is to create all-inclusive, high-quality products that can work for people of all identities and sexualities. By launching a line of lubricants with cheeky names like “motion lotion” and “toy joy” Cake hopes to eliminate the awkwardness associated with the discussion of sex and sex products. Pricing for Cake’s line starts at $22-$24 and a set starts at $60.

LA TechWatch spoke with CEO and Cofounder Hunter Morris to learn more about Cake’s mission, the difficulties that come with raising capital for a taboo topic, and the company’s future expansion plans. Morris was previously the COO of Watch Gang, a subscription service watch club.

Who were your investors and how much did you raise?

Cake raised $1.435M in Seed funding from Brian Spaly (cofounder of Trunk Club & Bonobos), Roth Martin (cofounder of Rothy’s), Brand Foundry Ventures, and Finn Capital, and others.

Tell us about the product or service Cake offers.

Cake is a wellness company for the sexually active that offers the highest quality products tailored to anyone’s preferences in bed. By listening to customers with varying sexual preferences, identities, pronouns, and anatomies, Cake provides the most inclusive and highest quality product offerings for an enhanced sexual experience. Cake hopes to normalize sexual exploration and be an ally for individuals when they’re ready to take the next step with their partners or themselves.

We’re starting with lubricants because it’s an affordable, accessible, and transformative product for any sexual experience. It’s a great starting place for couples or individuals to try something new or enhance current sexual activity. All of our products are alcohol-free, paraben-free, dye-free, sulfate-free and have no added fragrance, and are specifically formulated based on anatomy and what provides them with the most pleasure...
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