I’m a Relationship Therapist, and These 16 Valentine’s Day Gifts Are on My List

The notion of Valentine’s Day is often embraced in a polarizing way; it's either loved or hated, largely depending on the relationship status of whomever you ask. That makes sense, too, considering so much marketing for the occasion is clearly geared for couples. But what a missed opportunity; as a sex and relationship therapist, it's my opinion that any reason to celebrate love—whether solo, partnered, or otherwise—is a win. And there are so many products and gifts that you can give anyone in your life (including yourself) to further that message.

While some of my favorite Valentine's Day gifts are oriented for folks in romantic partnerships, most can be used solo or partnered. Because even though mainstream society specifies that Valentine’s Day is a holiday for lovers, I'm of the opinion that it's more simply a holiday to love—and that can certainly mean spoiling ourselves.

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