Sexual Wellness Has Its Inclusivity And Diversity Moment

The sexual wellness category is transforming to become more inclusive and diverse.

On Tuesday, DTC company Cake launched with $1.45 million in seed funding from Brian Spaly, Trunk Club and Bonobos co-founder; Roth Martin, Rothy’s co-founder; Brand Foundry Ventures; and Finn Capital, among others. Founded by Hunter Morris and Mitch Orkis, Cake’s branding and products are designed with the idea that gender and sexuality are nuanced and fluid, and that “traditional” relationship dynamics are evolving into outliers. The founders were unsatisfied with depictions of sex products and relationships in most sex shops, and with the products sold in drugstores, which looked outdated and were not made from clean ingredients. Cake launched with five products priced $22-$24, with names like “Motion Lotion” and “Get Naked.” They were designed for all people, including gay, lesbian and heterosexual couples, as well as individuals.

“Sex can be a fun, loving, consensual and wonderful act. Sadly, there’s so much stigma around that,” said Orkis. “Let’s talk about real people having real relationships and real sex, and build products for them.”


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