• cake x chris kit
  • cake x chris kit
  • cake x chris kit
  • cake x chris kit
  • cake x chris kit
  • cake x chris kit
  • cake x chris kit
  • cake x chris kit
  • cake x chris kit

cake x chris kit

chris' hand selected favorite cake products ~ limited edition

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Cake is teaming up with our good friend, content creator, actor, and pretty much sex symbol, for a one-of-a-kind, hand-picked kit by Chris Salvatore. You may know him from his movies, his viral content, or even be one of his 400k+ Instagram followers. Either way, if you didn’t know him before, you’re about to know him reaaaaal quick. Chris has picked out his favorite Cake products that get him off like never before & he wants to share them with you! Including our best-selling Stroker toy, game-changing Toy Wonder lubricant, Cake's #1 selling So-Low Lotion, exclusive note just from him & so much more… this kit is about to get you off before Chris’s content ever has a chance to.

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what's included

everything you need to upgrade your massage

bestselling personal penis massager with a dual-textured interior

the best moisturizing cream for maximizing “me time”

a non-drip jelly designed specially for toy play

who is Chris?

Chris Salvatore, is an actor, performer, model, & ground breaking content creator. Together we are bringing you the most worthwhile kit Cake has to offer to get almost anyone off.

get off with chris

Ever wanted to get off with a star? Want to fulfill a fantasy of getting with your dream guy? Well, this is as close as you may get & trust us... it's pretty dang close. Chris's hand-picked pleasure kit is designed to help you play the way he does. Get to know Chris with this kit like never before!

high quality products
for a high quality orgasm

Cake never settles unless you're having the orgasm of your life. That's why we brought in Chris to help us give you a one of a kind experience with his... expertise. No one knows how to get someone off like this celebrity content creator, so why not go straight to the source ;)? This kit has everything you need from our #1 selling So-Low Lotion with premium ingredients to our Stroker toy that has the internet buzzing for a reason.

this is just the start...

Cake is turning up the sex (in every sense of the word), and it all starts here. This is just the beginning of sexier content, more intense sex toys, and new & improved products that are all designed and working together to bring you more fun sex. There has never been a better time to be part of the Cake community.