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what is text-a-sexpert

We all have questions about sex and intimacy, but sometimes it's a tad embarrassing to ask. That's why we've created text-a-sexpert, a free and easy service for you to ask us anything. Hit us up at (310) 361-8617.

no topic off limits

Here's some of our most frequently talked about topics.

product recommendations

Perusing Cake products (or another brand's products) and looking for a third-party expert opinion? We're here for that. Please let us know a bit about the type of play you're looking for and any allergies you may have. Our experts will help as much as they can so you can have more fun in the bedroom. 

Text: (310) 361-8617

what to try next

Looking to spice up your sex life but not sure where to start? Simply ask. It's helpful for our experts to know how you and your partner identify (male, female, transgender) and thoughts on what you may be interested in, so feel free to provide that info when reaching out.

Text: (310) 361-8617

out-of-sync libidos

We get this A LOT. One of the partners in a relationship always feeling frisky. The other one...not so much? There's tips and tricks to help couples have open and honest conversations so they can work on their sex lives as a team. Start by letting us know a bit about your relationship. 

Text: (310) 361-8617


We ask that every text be done so in a respectful and consentual manner. Text-a-sexpert is here to provide guidance and support to our community. It is not here as an interactive sexual participant. If we feel at any time the conversation is inappropriate, the text communication will be ended immediately. 

are you a sex-expert?

calling all sexperts

we're hiring!

If you have credentials as a proven expert in the sexual wellness space we'd love to hear from you. Reach out to hello@hellocake.com with a bit about yourself and someone from our team will be in touch.

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