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here's our favorites based on experience, regardless of how you identify

pretty big dil


a perfectly shaped dildo to hit your favorite spots
pretty big dil backside kit


the perfect toy kit for backside pleasure
buzzy butt


a rechargeable vibrating butt plug 
tush pops


a trio toy set for butt stuff
buzzy butt kit


a rechargeable vibrating butt plug kit
tush pops kit


the ultimate kit to explore your bum
silicone sex lube


our longest lasting lube, great for the backside
tush cush


a hybrid formula to make all your rear-endings happy ones
cake condoms


safe and reliable condoms, no matter your shape or size
sex wipes


flushable hygiene wipes for the bedroom

why these products?

Read on to find out, but we'll give you a hint -- every product is designed based on who you are and how you like to play.

tush cush

You said you like butt stuff, but that can be intimidating! The best thing for butt play is a lube that provides great cushion, lasts a long time, is a breeze to clean and, oh yeah—is good for that uber-sensitive skin. Tush Cush, a water-based jelly, does it all, making backside experiences easy and fun.

toy wonder

Introducing toys into self intimacy feels good—and so should your lube. That’s why we made Toy Wonder, a water-based lube which is specifically formulated not to drip off toys, including battery-powered friends. The plush, airy jelly works for all kinds of intimate contact. Grab a toy and have fun!

sex wipes

Sex Wipes are the perfect cleanup wipe for that pre-or-post-sex refresh. Our 100% natural formula is infused into flushable and biodegradable wipes, so you can practice good sexual hygiene. We made sure they’re pH-balanced and added honeysuckle for skin softness.

the guide to backside fun

We've compiled our best tips-and-tricks for how to enjoy all things butts!

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