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backside lovers kit


the ultimate kit for backside lovers
backside slide


premium silicone lubricant for butts
tush cush


a hybrid formula jelly for beginners of butt stuff
so-low lotion


moisturizing cream for men's 'me time' play
stim for him


tingling arousal gel for his solo play
cake condoms


safe and reliable condoms, no matter your shape or size

why these products?

Read on to find out, but we'll give you a hint -- every product is designed based on who you are and how you like to play.

backside lovers kit

We made this kit specifically for penises and butts to come together in an easy, breezy, beautiful way. Ease in and have fun with Tush Cush when you need some extra cushion or with Backside Slide when you're looking for an ultra long-lasting session.
You can have fun with your hands too with Motion Lotion, a transforming stroking cream solely created for penis play.

tush cush

You said you like butt stuff, but that can be intimidating! The best thing for butt play is a lube that provides great cushion, lasts a long time, is a breeze to clean and, oh yeah—is good for that uber-sensitive skin. Tush Cush, a water-based jelly, does it all, making backside experiences easy and fun.

so-low lotion

Cake's So-Low Lotion is formulated to take self-play to a whole new level. It’s a non-greasy coconut oil lubricant designed for maximum enjoyment. This amazing stuff transforms during 'me time' play—starting as a thick cream, then turning to a gliding lotion and finally, to a moisturizing lube. Solo time has never been this good.


Bottoms are the perfect cleanup wipe for that pre-or-post-sex refresh. Our 100% natural formula is infused into flushable and biodegradable wipes, so you can practice good sexual hygiene. We made sure they’re pH-balanced and added honeysuckle for skin softness.

the guide to backside fun

We've compiled our best tips-and-tricks for how to enjoy all things butts!

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