welcome to the test kitchen

At Cake, every product is made with you in mind. That's why we test products directly with our customer base. If you're a Cake customer and interested in becoming a product tester, simply fill out the form below.

how it works

1. apply below

Use the form below to throw your name into the ring. Please keep in mind that we do need your real contact information, so if you prefer to remain annonymous, this unfortunely is not for you. If you're open to sharing your opinion freely and openly, continue on friend.

2. testers are selected

At any given time we may be looking for up to 25 new product testers. We do recieve many more applications than that, so if you're not selected, no hard feelings! There's just a lot of interest, which we love (thank you!). Should you be selected, you'll be contacted via email and will need to sign a digital waiver in order to recieve your products. 

3. testers receive product and provide feedback

Three products will be shipped to you along with a link to a survey for your unfiltered feedback. Please test all three products before completing the survey. Hint: It's helpful to take notes on what you like and dislike about each product along the way. 

ready to join

Simply fill out the below form and a member of the Cake team will be in touch shortly!

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