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entrepreneurs inquire within

join #TeamCake

entrepreneurs inquire within

share Cake, make money

At Cake, we’re on a mission to provide tailored-made products based on how individuals and couples like to get down. If you believe in helping the world come together, you're in the right place!

Join #teamcake as a brand ambassador.

how it works

love, support and... 20% in your pocket

Across the board, you get 20% of every single order that comes into Cake that you are responsible for. That means if someone orders $100 worth or product, $20 goes in your pocket. If you host a party and sell $1,000 worth or product, $200 gets transferred to your bank account. There is no ceiling, and Cake helps support you every step of the way. 

the perks

20% Commission 

You receive 20% of each order that uses your custom link. 

Free Stuff

Every month, Cake sends you free products, goodies and swag that you can use as give-a-ways, for events, to post to your social media, or in any other (approved ;) marketing capacity. 

Money for Marketing

We know, spreading the word of Cake takes energy, time and moneyyyyyyyy. Each brand ambassador is allocated a monthly  marketing budget to use promoting their social posts, throwing events, creating marketing materials, etc.  

the support

Onboarding, Trainings and Ongoing Support

Every week, it’s all about #teamcake where we devote time to share ideas, give each other support, talk about what’s worked and what...hasn’t.

Social Media Boosts

You take the time to make great posts, let us help you reach more people. By syncing accounts as a brand ambassador, Cake is able to boost your posts on social. 

Events throughout the Year

You’re invited to Cake's ultra-inclusive events. We’re talking P-town fun, LA and NYC pride and more. We tend to show up in style with custom made Cake swagggg. 

ready to join

Simply fill out the below form and a member of the Cake team will be in touch shortly!

what we're not

Cake is not a multi-level marketing program or pyramid scheme. We do not support brand ambassadors joining in order to recruit further brand ambassadors. There is no tiered structure so the only way to make commissions is to believe in Cake enough to get real individuals to buy product directly from you. 

Cake is also not an organization that tolerates any amount of intolerance, prejudice, racism, sexual aggression or anything deemed outside the lines of upstanding morals and respect for yourself and others. At any time, Cake retains the right to end a relationship with a brand ambassador. For more details, please review our terms and conditions associated with the application above.