• pretty big dil backside kit
  • pretty big dil backside kit
  • pretty big dil backside kit
  • pretty big dil backside kit
  • pretty big dil backside kit
  • pretty big dil backside kit
  • pretty big dil backside kit
  • pretty big dil backside kit
  • pretty big dil backside kit

pretty big dil backside kit

the perfect toy kit for backside pleasure


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Pretty Big Dil backside toy has a curved head to hit the P-Spot to make you go OOOOO. The premium silicone material makes it firm for that much needed pressure between your legs yet flexible to move with your body, for your body. Lube up the toy with Tush Cush to comfortable ease into the backdoor. The fluffy hybrid formula will give you all the cushion while you enjoy in backside delight. Post play time clean up with our flushable Sex Wipes to feel fresher than ever. Bonus feature? It has a strong suction base so you can use this in the shower, against a wall, or anywhere else you might like. Pro Tip: this toy is harness compatible, making partner play that much more intense!

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what’s included

the full kit for backdoor fun

a perfectly shaped dildo to hit your favorite spots

flushable hygiene wipes for the bedroom

an oh-so-nice way to store your sexy time goods

why we made this

treat yourself to butt stuff no matter how experienced

perfect for backdoor play

Whether you're a newbie or a pro at backdoor fun, this toy is your latest addition to toy fun. Use the suction in the shower to give yourself a hot & wet time, getting dirty while getting clean never felt so good! Lather up the toy with Tush Cush to ease comfort during insertion and roate your hips all around to make sure the curved tip hits your P-Spot.

get creative,
get sexy

With the strong suction base this toy can be taken and used virtually anywhere! Into shower play? Works great on west surfaces! Want to simulate partner sex with it up against the wall? Works there too! Want to use it on your partner to imitate sex? Designed to perfectly fit in any harness for all your thrusting pleasures.

ride the waves
of pleasure

Pretty Big Dil has endless ways to play from the wave like design, strong suction base, curved tip & harness compatible shape. Explore your body & your partners body with our most intense internal toy yet. Feeling is believing, and once you start, you're not going to be able to stop!

pretty big dil backside play kit reviews

"When my bf away, this toy comes out to play!"

"Been using this to prep for bottoming."

"Used this in the shower with my GF, hot!!"

What customers are feeling



Just big enough!

This is the perfect size for all sorts of butt stuff. It's not imitating but still gets you off.




Tush Cush + Pretty Big Dil = heaven

I lathered this toy up with a good amount of lube and it slid in perfectly. The waves as it goes deeper are INTENSE.




Curved tip is insane

The curved tip massages my prostate perfectly, I have never orgasmed as hard before this toy.