• vibrating ring kit
  • vibrating ring kit
  • vibrating ring kit
  • vibrating ring kit
  • vibrating ring kit
  • vibrating ring kit
  • vibrating ring kit
  • vibrating ring kit
  • vibrating ring kit

vibrating ring kit

our most versatile penis kit for solo or partner play

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The Vibrating Ring is our #1 most versatile toy. Slide this stretchable silicone material around the shaft of your penis to heighten the intensity of sex for you and partner (she’ll thank you, we promise). Going it alone? Just flip push the vibrating base into your perineum (a fancy word for that sweet spot between your genitals and anus) giving you intense vibrational pleasure. Fingering your thing? Slip it over your fingers and onto your palm for added vibrations as you rub your partner’s most intimate areas.

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what’s included

a vibrating penis ring for solo or partner play

a non-drip jelly that keeps your toys jiggy

why we made this

Increase your stamina while pleasuring you and your partner...sounds like a win!

perfect for solo
or partner play

Increase your pleasure with 10 different vibration speeds, and a snug fit to keep you harder longer. This toy is designed to sit at the base of your penis for added sensations for your pleasure. Share the love by flipping the toy above the penis, so your partner can share in the climaxing vibrations. This toy was made to get everyone off!

be hands off...
or hands on ;)

Slide your fingers through the hole of the toy, keeping the vibration pad in the palm of your hand. Begin massaging your partners most intimate areas (we suggest adding in Toy Wonder for extra comfort) alternating through different vibrations to find the perfect rhythem for intense sensations. Whether you have a penis or not, this toy is a must have if you want to kick up a sexy massage for yourself or a partner.

Pro-tip: If you're giving a clitoral massage, use Tingle to Mingle for a little extra spice.

keeps things interesting

We get it. The same wifi, website and even your hand can get dull. And nobody wants that. Stim for Him is designed to let you control the intensity. A little bit goes a long way, but reapply mid session and enjoy as the intensity...intensifies.

vibrating ring kit reviews

"Talk about explosive vibrations!"

"Really makes vibrators more fun. The non-drip is a nice touch plus easy cleanup."

“The heat and little tinglies I experienced were a lot of fun and welcome surprise."

What customers are feeling



super stretchy, with enough tension

I wasn't sure about how it would feel, but the material was super stretchy and fits comfortably around me, while giving me the right amount of tension.





I was a little shocked how intense it was, in a good way, def recommend if you're trying to mix it up.




Toy Wonder makes it 5 stars

You can't go wrong with adding Toy Wonder to this massager, it takes not to the next level (past the 10 it already has!!)