• so-low stroker kit
  • so-low stroker kit
  • so-low stroker kit
  • so-low stroker kit
  • so-low stroker kit
  • so-low stroker kit
  • so-low stroker kit

so-low stroker kit

a personal massager kit for anyone with a penis

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Cake’s new personal penis massager gives you all the feels and leaves you with none of the stress. Reduce tension from the waist down with our 2 beaded textured interior and opened ended design made for easy clean up. Add toy wonder to reduce friction and increase relaxation. Take it to the next level with our Stim for Him gel that brings a cooling sensation as you massage yourself.

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what's included

everything you need to upgrade your massage

bestselling personal penis massager with a dual-textured interior

a non-drip jelly that keeps your toys jiggy

the best moisturizing cream for maximizing “me time”

why we made this

Life can get stressful, so we made a personal massager just for men.

elevate your relaxation

Cake's stroker is designed for maximum results to release tension built up over time. This handheld personal massager has two textured entrances - one is tighter with massage beads, the other is a ribbed interior in order to help remove stress.

handheld to go
at your own pace

We're pretty sure this personal massager is going to become your new best friend. Why? It's small enough to hold in your hand which puts you in control of pressure and speed, plus its easy dual-textured interior allows you to work out any kinks you have just the way you like it.

easy & discreet

Not into browsing those NSFW websites or going into awkward shops? Same. That’s why each package is discreetly delivered to your doorstep and not designed to be anatomical.