Iterative Drop Design

‘Iterative Drop Design’ // Cake’s Innovation Process 


Here at Cake, we drop a LOT of products – about 50 a year (that’s not a typo). 


We then take your feedback (yes…you!) and design Cake products to live on our site forever and ever based on your realtime results. 


We call this ‘iterative drop design’. Is it unusual? You bet it is. Would we have it any other way? Not a chance. That’s why we’re able to make top quality products at affordable prices that make you feel mighty good.

Why ‘Iterative Drop Design’? 


Cake’s mission is to help the world have more fun sex, regardless of who you are, how you identify or like to get down. 


(call out: ‘The key to more fun se = exploration and experimentation’) 


That’s means our #1 priority is helping you feel good and we believe that the way to have more fun sex is to try new things. With yourself, with your partner or partners (if that’s what you’re into). Safe and enthusiastic experimentation allows you to find out what you like, what you love and what you can leave behind. That’s why every Cake product is designed to make a different part of your body feel good (like..really good). 


How do we make you feel good? 

It’s really simple. We ask you. 


Yes, it’s that simple. We constantly are asking our Cake community what you want to try next. Then we source and source and source… all different variations and products that exist that we believe might do the trick. 


We launch or ‘drop’ these products on Sometimes these are doing with partner brands, other times with manufacturers we love and respect and sometimes via prototypes we’ve designed from scratch. 


The goal is to understand what tickles your pleasure centers and what doesn’t. 

We then take your feedback and get to work on our custom designed products that will live on Cake forever and ever. 


And no…we don’t stop there. We even iterate on our evergreen products from year to year so it’s not unusual to see a V1, V2, V3 or V4 rollout over the years post launch. 


Sometimes we nail it with our drops, other times we miss the mark oh-so-much. But the goal is always the same: to listen, learn and improve. It’s this commitment to constant innovation and improvement that gets us out of bed in the morning and hopefully has you saying, ‘oh yes’ to Cake in the bedroom. 


Can I get involved? 


Yes, we are always in search of product testers. Simply fill this form out here to enter yourself into our user testing database. Please know that this is a jam-packed list and testers are picked based on representative samples of the American population.  

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