Cake. Guilt Free.


There are a few things in life one should enjoy guilt free. Cake is one of them. Sex is the other.

Sadly there is so much stigma and shame surrounding both. Rarely are either able to be enjoyed fully, with blissful happiness and satisfaction. That’s why we’re happy to launch Cake today—a wellness brand for the sexually active, focused on providing products for specific and unique types of intimacy and exploration. Our mission is, and always has been, to allow individuals of all kinds to feel heard, understood, and above all, loved. We’re excited to bring more diversity and acceptance into sexual wellness.

The mass-produced sex products on the market haven’t changed for decades. They’re often confusing: there are too many products, too many unknown ingredients, too many purposes, too many expectations, and too intimidating. Simply put, they aren’t complimentary to everyone’s sexual experiences and identities. 

Cake is about sparking curiosity and starting new conversations with your partner, and of course, yourself. Cake was designed to help ease into the unknown when it comes to trying something new and exciting in intimacy routines. It’s ok to want to talk about things—yet not know where to start. That’s where Cake comes in; we’re here to normalize sexual exploration and be an ally for individuals when they’re ready to take the next step. 

To build our line of products from the ground up, we spent a lot of time listening. We had conversations with people with varying sexual preferences, identities, pronouns, and anatomies to learn about the products they want so they can focus on getting down and not the guesswork. 

With this information, we built products built for you. We’re excited to introduce our first line of premium lubricants and cleansing wipes.

  • Motion Lotion: A moisturizing cream for solo play
  • Tush Cush: A light, water-based jelly for beginner butt play
  • Toy Joy: A non-drip water-based jelly for toy play
  • Backside Slide: A premium ultra-slide silicone lubricant for butt play
  • Organic Aloe: An organic aloe-based lubricant ideal for vaginal play
  • Feel Fresh: Cleanliness wipes intended for pre and post clean up

These products are made from better-for-you ingredients that are body safe and alcohol-free, paraben-free, dye-free, sulfate-free, fragrance-free, and above all, shame-free. We are committed to making the most inclusive line of sexual wellness products on the planet. No matter how you identify or who you have sex with, Cake provides the highest quality products for the most enhanced sexual experience. 

And, this is just the beginning. 

Cake is as innovative, ever-evolving, and curious as you are. We’ll continue listening to what people want and providing products that go above and beyond those needs, shipped directly to you. 

So go ahead...have your Cake, guilt free.